Mantle Business


Tools App

Mantle UDM

Universal Data Model with 390 entities for accounting, assets, facilities, HR, orders, parties, products, requests, shipments, work efforts

Mantle USL

Universal Service Library with 279 view entities, 826 services, and a REST API with 415 services; see details below

Simple Screens

280 screens (including dozens of reports), 894 forms, and 23 document templates for accounting, assets, facilities, orders, parties, products, and shipments


Payment Processing: AIM & CIM


Payment Processing with Level 2/3 Support


Payment Processing


Shipping Integration (UPS, FedEx, DHL, USPS, many more)


Yotpo site and product reviews

Mantle EDI

EDI Message Processing

Mantle OAGIS

OAGIS Integrations (in development)


Procure to Pay

Order to Cash

  • Support and Manage Customers
  • Sales Orders for goods, subscriptions, services
  • Shipping and Tax Calculation (with Drools rules or integration)
  • Inventory Management and Fulfillment
  • Accounts Receivable and Payment Processing
  • Learn from Order to Cash Tests

Return to Response

Work Plan to Cash

Product Information

  • Goods, Services, Subscriptions, Equipment Types
  • Organize with Classes/Categories/Features, Faceted Keyword Search
  • Flexible Pricing (and modify with Drools rules)
  • Content, Identification, Dimensions, Associations, Reviews

Asset Management

  • Inventory, Equipment, Supplies, etc
  • GL Posting for Issuance, Receipt, Depreciation, Physical Inventory
  • Inventory Projections based on Reservations, Shipments, Production Runs, etc
  • Equipment Scheduling and Maintenance

HR and Payroll

  • Manage Positions, Classes, Employees
  • Flexible Hourly and Piece Rates, Salaries
  • Payroll Tax Calculation (federal, state, local; employee and employer shares), Garnishment
  • Pay Wages, Taxes, Garnishments by Check, ACH, etc


  • Flexible Chart of Accounts, Reporting and Posting based on Type and Class
  • Automated GL posting for Invoices, Payments, Balance Accounts, Assets, Production, etc
  • Payment and GL Reconciliation (with OFX or other), NACHA Payments, Positive Pay
  • Balance Sheet, Income, Cash Flow, Equity Statements; Financial Ratios and Other Reports


  • Multiple Organizations, Localization and Currencies
  • System-wide Search and Analytics
  • Access and Audit Data, Configurable Authorization and Velocity Limits
  • Comprehensive REST API